Greetings! The new year brings many changes for us here at the Vault. First, and most importantly, we will no longer be offering 3rd party services to game creators moving forward. Though we have enjoyed our time working with outside creators in the hobby gaming industry over the years, the success we experienced in 2023 with the release of our in-house title Sepulchre of Dusk and our Kickstarter zine CLEAN BREAK has encouraged us to focus solely on our goal of releasing our very own, original gaming content through Cutter Mountain Simulations.

While we look ahead in 2024 to working exclusively through CMS to create the kind of content that we can stand behind, we’ve decided to return the Vault of Wonders to its origins by continuing to offer the gaming community the vintage and collectible games you love through our well-appointed eBay store.

Our Cutter Mountain Simulations team remains unchanged in 2024. Scott Craig will continue to handle game design/layout while John K. Webb conquers proofing/editing. Jennifer Craig will navigate logistics & project mgmt, while Michael Andrews scribbles out incredible pen & ink illustrations. Scott and John will both continue to supply the awesome original content that Cutter Mountain Simulations feels excited to stand behind.

To all those creators with whom we have worked, best of luck to you. To everyone else – catch up with our work at Cutter Mountain, and feast your eyes on the links below!

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