About Us

Vault of Wonders LLC is a limited liability corporation offering retail storefronts and professional services within the collectables, hobby and gaming industries.


Meet the Owners:

Scott Craig

A lifelong board game collector and enthusiast, Scott has been involved in some of the most exciting projects in the hobby gaming industry. Offering his professional services to leaders in the adventure & RPG industries, Scott has occupied the role of Editor in Chief of Publications for DMDave since 2019. Projects for DMDave have included book design and layout for 20 (and counting) BroadSword Monthly books, game design and layout for the Legends of Omeria Starter Set, as well as book design and layout for both Pexia’s Guide to Omeria and Hand of the Eight, a set of crowd-funded hardcover books by DMDave. Scott operates a vintage & collectable online game store in his spare time and has several of his own upcoming projects in the works.


Jennifer Craig

Jennifer’s professional expertise includes logistical planning, small-press publication, start-up company team management, project management, distribution and fulfillment and website development services within the hobby and gaming industries. She has offered her services as Director of Logistics for DMDave since June, 2020. Her services have included the fulfillment and distribution strategy and implementation for DMDave’s BroadSword Monthly Extra Attack Kickstarter campaign, the DMDave Patreon, website design for DMDave.com and fulfillment for the DMDave online retail shop. Jennifer offered her logistical services for the Legends of Omeria Starter Set Kickstarter campaign by DMDave, which had experienced management issues under a former team. Jennifer has also been at the helm of the Pexia’s Guide to Omeria & Hand of the Eight Kickstarter campaign for DMDave, formulating the logistics, printing/publication plan and the fulfillment and distribution strategy for the project. In May, 2021, Jennifer was offered the role of Chief of Operations for DMDave, and continues to provide her professional services in that capacity. In addition to the services Jennifer offers in the gaming and hobby industries, she also owns and operates three online retail businesses including a literature-based soy candle shop, an online vintage boutique, and a hobby business specializing in vintage and collectable dolls.