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Greetings from the Vault!

As of Monday, March 21, 2022, Vault of Wonders LLC Logistics Director, Jennifer Craig, has discontinued her professional services with former client DMDave. She officially resigned as acting COO of the organization and has also discontinued any further logistical or fulfillment services for the DMDave company.

Jennifer’s Statement:

BroadSword Monthly started falling behind in publication and distribution approximately November, 2021, and though I did offer advice and recommendations on how to normalize the release and fulfillment schedule, I ultimately realized that my concerns were not being addressed and my expertise was being underutilized.

Since Vault of Wonders LLC not only offers client services, but also owns and operates five small hobby/game businesses in addition to having several of our own D&D / gaming industry projects in the works, I had to balance the demands of the DMDave client against our own available time and resources. Ultimately, I made the decision to discontinue some of our services, including all of those for which I was professionally responsible.

I have done my best to lay the foundation for the successful distribution of the Legends of Omeria Starter Set, which should be arriving at various ports of landing as I write this. Other than simple adminstrative work, all logistical work for the project has been completed. I have also provided all of the logistical work to guarantee the successful publication and distribution of the Pexia’s Guide to Omeria / Hand of the Eight Kickstarter.

I must say that, while working with DMDave provided multiple unprecedented challenges, the fantastic enthusiasm of the Backers, Patrons, Subscribers and other customers that I interacted with during my tenure were always the highlight of my day.

I wish you all the best!”

If you are a BroadSword subscriber, or a backer of either of the two aforementioned DMDave Kickstarters, please direct any inquiries you may have to
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