Legends of Omeria is EPIC! The 2D figure set is fabulous and the maps are amazing, but my favorite part is the DM Screen with handy tables I haven’t seen together in another screen. – R. Bushell, May 2022

Reply: Thank you! We are very proud of the GM Screen. Scott not only did the layout for the screen, he designed it from scratch! Glad you like it!

The team OVER DELIVERED on content, print quality, dice, minis and overall ideation to completion. Great work!!!!  – C. Bradley, June 2022

Opened up the Starter Set today and it’s wonderful! High-quality work and the maps are GORGEOUS!  – D. Butler, May 2022 

I got the starter set today!! It’s amazing!  – D. Russell, May, 2022

Extremely happy with the quality of the product and can’t wait to get a group of new players together to play 😀

Received my package this week and it looks great! Really good quality.   – A. Blake, May 2022

My starter kit arrived a couple of days ago as well – Portugal EU – and I have to say, the quality on all counts is impressive, well done everyone involved! So much so that I went on to grab the digital versions, so that I can keep the physical kit as intact as possible – the paper quality is top grade, the prints are very well produced, then the actual artwork and storytelling are just top quality – Great success  – N. Faria, April, 2022

It finally arrived yesterday and I couldn’t be happier! Everything is of very high quality and looks amazing. My favorite part are the minis they are just perfect for every encounter, be it small or really challenging. Really glad I backed this  – P Buir, March, 2022

Thank you for the updates along the way. I’ve backed some non starters on here and the one thing they all had in common was poor (or no) communication to their supporters. It makes your updates and my excitement to get the end product that much sweeter. Fantastic job!  – F. Knueppel, March 2022 

Reply: Hi! Thank you for this. Here at the VOW, we truly believe that any Kickstarter  can be elevated by providing honest, transparent, and informative updates at regular intervals.

Received the Starter Set package today! Looks great, excellent quality, the maps are beautiful.  – A. Bougher, May, 2022

How does one get print copies of broadsword? I just received the latest and the quality is amazing!!  – C. Bradley, May, 2022

Reply: Hi! You can buy print copies of BroadSword through Noble KnightAmazon, & on the dmdave.com website. PDFs can be bought on DTRPG.


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