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Vault of Wonders Games, online eBay Store, (since 1998).

Vault of Wonders Games

Vault of Wonders Games is an online eBay hobby games store run by Scott and operating as a DBA under Vault of Wonders LLC. It features a curated and eclectic collection of new and vintage board games, miniatures, and role playing games. The Vault’s ever-changing inventory is acquired from both local and online sources. Offerings include role playing games, miniatures games, board games, hobby magazines, and collectibles.

The precursor to the Vault of Wonders was initially founded in 1998 as an eBay store for the acquisition and liquidation of Scott’s constantly evolving hobby games collection. In 2017 that initial small eBay store underwent a transformation into Vault of Wonders Games! With access to various local and online resources for collectible and vintage hobby games, the Vault continues to provide its customers with an eclectic and interesting inventory.  Visit the Vault of Wonders Games website.

Flame Noir Candle Co.

Flame Noir Candle Co. is an online soy candle business run by Jennifer and operating as a DBA under the Vault of Wonders LLC. 

Established in 2016, Flame Noir offers soy candles and related products inspired by classic detectives. Dedicated customers include some of today’s most exciting crime fiction writers, several crime & detective genre TV series runners, true crime podcasters, mystery theater production staff, and other creative professionals working within the genre’s literature, television, theater and movie industries. Jennifer creates her original scents using years of research into the colognes and perfumes that were popular from the late Victorian to Mid-Century eras. Visit the Flame Noir Candle Co. website.

A Dolly Hobby

A Dolly Hobby is an online retail store specializing in vintage and collectable dolls and accessories. Run by Jennifer and operating as a DBA under Vault of Wonders LLC, this shop is a reflection of both Jennifer’s love of vintage composition dolls as well as the fashion design of the 1920s-1940s. A Dolly Hobby was established in 2021.

Jennifer has plans to grow A Dolly Hobby by offering handmade, original, age/period appropriate clothing for vintage composition teen dolls with the goal of creating outfits that reflect the fashions popular in the eras in which these dolls were manufactured. Other future plans for the shop include a line of original A Dolly Hobby brand historically-inspired doll clothing patterns, printed books on the restoration of antique and vintage wooden toys and dolls, and the addition of an exclusive line of historical textiles created using restored vintage fabrics. Visit the A Dolly Hobby website.

Whispering City RVA

Whispering City RVA is an online vintage shop run by Jennifer and operating as a DBA under Vault of Wonders LLC. Offering an eclectic selection of vintage and antique wares ranging from kitchen and household items,  paintings, art prints and lithos, clothing & accessories, vintage sewing & historical costuming items and “piles and piles” of sparkly, high-quality vintage & antique costume jewelry for women and men.

Whispering City RVA separates itself from the hordes of online vintage shops by providing detailed photographs & descriptions to help shoppers make the best informed decisions possible. There are also some obvious reason why buying an item online from a logistics & fulfillment specialist is a good idea: you know the items you purchase will be shipped quickly and packaged safely. Visit the Whispering City RVA website.

Whispering City RVA, established 2019.