Retail Storefronts - Owned & Operated by Vault of Wonders LLC

Vault of Wonders Games, online eBay Store, (since 1998).

Vault of Wonders Games

Vault of Wonders Games is an online eBay hobby games store run by Scott and operating as a DBA under Vault of Wonders LLC. It features a collection of new and vintage board games, miniatures, roll-playing games, hobby magazines, and collectibles.

The precursor to the Vault of Wonders was initially founded in 1998 as an eBay store for the acquisition and liquidation of Scott’s constantly evolving hobby games collection. In 2017 that initial small eBay store underwent a transformation into Vault of Wonders Games! The Vault continues to provide an eclectic and interesting inventory. Visit the Vault of Wonders Games website.

Cutter Mountain

Cutter Mountain is made up of two unique divisions that handle the production side of the Vault of Wonders.

Cutter Mountain Fabrication manufactures high quality resin & FDM tabletop miniatures, terrain & custom sets along with other hobby related 3D printed items.

Cutter Mountain Simulations is the maker’s side of the Vault. This is where you’ll find our own entries into the hobby game genre. We work with some really cool folks on some really exciting projects, like our newest collaboration, CLEAN BREAK.

Cutter Mountain functions as a DBA under Vault of Wonders LLC.

A Dolly Hobby

A Dolly Hobby is an online retail store specializing in vintage and collectable dolls, toys, and accessories. Run by Jennifer and operating as a DBA under Vault of Wonders LLC, this shop is a reflection of both Jennifer’s love of vintage composition dolls and the fashion design of the 1920s-1940s. A Dolly Hobby was established in 2021.

Visit the A Dolly Hobby website.

Whispering City RVA, established 2019.

Whispering City RVA

Whispering City RVA is an online vintage shop run by Jennifer and operating as a DBA under Vault of Wonders LLC. Offering an eclectic selection of small vintage and antique finery including costume jewelry, paintings, art prints and lithos, clothing & accessories, vintage sewing & historical costuming items and more.

Visit the Whispering City RVA website.