Kickstarter Management

Trying to run and maintain your Kickstarter while also working non-stop to create the content for pledge and stretch goal items can stress a creator to the breaking point. Overworking ourselves can lead to writer’s block, soaring stress levels, and a general feeling of unhappiness. Stress can make us combative, unrealistic, and can cause our work to suffer. Mistakes pile up, timelines get blown, and Backers get cranky.

Expecting to be able to do everything yourself might be as self-defeating as it is stressful – as your project runs late and writer’s block sets in, your temper flairs. You post an update, and cranky Backers snap at you. You fire back, look unprofessional and Backers start cancelling their pledges.

The good news is
none of this needs to be a reality for you

Vault of Wonders LLC can manage your Kickstarter for you. Using assets you provide for us, we can create your campaign and launch when you’re ready. We can help you achieve the best overall impact for the look and feel of your Kickstarter. We’ll create a Kickstarter Updates strategy that keeps your Backers informed and excited and then implement that plan at established intervals. We’ll monitor and answer customer comments, questions & inquiries, and we’ll handle your Customer Service emails for you as well. Vault of Wonders LLC understands the pressures small creators put on themselves. Let us help make the Kickstarter experience a pleasant one for you.

Kickstarter Management is billed on a project bases. Contact us to discuss.