Backerkit Management

Backerkit is as powerful tool that is, more often than not, improperly used and thoroughly underutilized. There is a learning curve to this complex and useful software that many creators often don’t have time to fully comprehend or explore. Taking shortcuts when you set up your Backerkit can lead to confusion, frustration and wasted time. It can even result in returned mailings, stacks of manual data entry, and loss of  revenue.

For example, locking Backer addresses too soon or locking all Backers when you only need to lock certain ones means that you have to manually update Backer address changes ahead of fulfillment. If the time between when you lock and when you are ready to start mailouts is several months or longer, this could result in hundreds of manual address updates that you have to perform in the backend before fulfillment can begin.

Improperly setting up add-on items and a pre-order store could lock customers out of being able to upgrading their pledge levels or purchase additional products from you while completing their surveys. Not uploading tracking data can cause confusion about the fulfillment of add-ons, digital items, pledge items and more, while improperly assigning SKUs can lead to botched digital and physical fulfillment and increased costs when using a 3PL or 3PF company. The list goes on.

At Vault of Wonders LLC, we have seen firsthand the hash that can be made by the improper set up and use of Backerkit. That said, we have also watched it work seamlessly and prove invaluable when properly utilized.

Our Backerkit Set Up and Management services are billable on a project basis, and include everything your specific project requires. From add-on item set up to preorder store creation, from SKU set up to advanced options like fulfillment channels, from customer service, to phased  address locking organized by purchased items, pledge levels and Backer locations. We offer digital distribution, customer service, CSVs using segments, tracking number uploads, and more.

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