Kickstarter & Backerkit

Providing everything you need for a successful Kickstarter, Vault of Wonders LLC offers services ranging from pre-launch project consultation that includes detailed insights & recommendations to help you achieve your KS goals through intelligent project and stretch goal planning, creating print/manufacturing strategies and connections, and providing informed cost predictions and retail pricing structures for your campaign. Working together, we can help you use Kickstarter as it was meant to be used – to fund your business’s ability to grow and create even more awesome products to offer back to the hobby gaming community.

In addition to consultations, Vault of Wonders offers Kickstarter management that will keep you on track toward achieving your plans and goals, as well as creating an eye catching presentation for your campaign, and establishing a narrative of goodwill, trust, and transparency with your Backers through regular updates that keep them informed and excited every step of the way.

Vault of Wonders offers Backerkit set up & management services, including setting up your add-on store,  establishing a minimal SKU structure that will consolidate and simplify the process, (especially vital when using 3PL or 3PF services), and setting up fulfillment channels to organize your Backers into structures that help you compartmentalize fulfillment by locking only the backers you need to lock, when you need to lock them. In fact, if you would like Vault of Wonders LLC to handle the fulfillment logistics for you, we can do that, too.

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Vault of Wonders can help at your experience level – big or small. As we see it, a successful Kickstarter isn’t about how many Backers you gain or your total ending dollar amount. Success in Kickstarter is walking away at the end of the project with happy Backers and the funds you need to keep creating. Having a million dollar Kickstarter that leaves you with $10K in your pocket after costs is less successful than having a $70K Kickstarter that nets you a $30K profit. Crowd funding, at it’s core, is a growth tool. Vault of Wonders LLC can help you utilize that by making smart choices, pricing correctly, and keeping costs low.

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