Editorial & Proofing

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Available Services

  • Editorial – An extensive review of all written materials within your project, along with grammatical corrections and suggestions. You will be provided with a redlined copy of your written works to include any changes, suggestions, or editorial notes, and can decide which edits you would like to include. Following your approval, we will implement the changes and provide you with the fully edited copy.

  • Proofing – A careful review of your written materials for continuity and the proper use of mechanics. Suggested changes will be provided via redline for your approval, and all approved changes will be implemented. You will receive the fully proofed copy once any changes have been made.

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Additional Details

Vault of Wonders LLC offers editorial and proofing services for your project. Whether you need a simple editorial service for a 54-page gazetteer, or an extensive service for your 300-page adventure book or campaign setting, we offer editorial guidance in order to stay within word budgets or project length requirements.

Editorial services are offered by a team with years of experience working in an editorial capacity within the hobby gaming industry. Our services include a base project fee, (assessed on a per-project bases), along with a per-word charge for services rendered.