Editorial proofing from a team specializing in games with the formal education and years of experience to ensure accuracy. Editorial guidance to keep you within word-budgets and project limits. We’re respectful of your creative voice and have the technical ability to proof your written works for grammar, continuity, and the proper use of game mechanics.


  • A free consultation to discuss project specifications and establish pricing.
  • An extensive grammatical review of all submitted written materials
  • A careful review of continuity and game mechanics
  • Presentation of all corrections, suggestions, and editorial notes for your review
  • Corrections and suggestions applied according to your approval
  • A fully edited and proofed copy of your project files ready for your design team, or you can ask us about design & layout services if you need them.


  • All written materials must be complete and provided in full at proofing start
  • Major content changes or revisions after proofing begins will incur separate fees. 
  • We can accept: Markdown, Google Docs, Microsoft Word or plain text

Small Creators! If hiring VOWLLC is cost prohibitive for your project, we might be open to a collaboration! If you’re interested, head over to Cutter Mountain and tell us more about your project. Availablity is super limited, but this is a great way to release your project without any major upfront costs. All approved collaborations are released under Cutter Mountain Simulations / Vault of Wonders LLC.

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