Project Publishing

One of the many joys of being an independent creator in modern times is that you no longer have to send physical manuscripts to big-house publishing companies hoping that they will greenlight your project. The old system is especially incongruent with the roleplaying and hobby gaming community since there’s very little chance a large-scale publisher would even understand the subject matter and content.

Self-publishing is the very best option for most of us in the gaming and hobby industries. Once we understand that, we realize that there are actually dozens of ways to go about it. The question becomes: “what makes the most sense for my project, and will cost the least for me and for my customers?”

This is where Vault of Wonders LLC can help. We have provided gaming industry publishing services for years by considering each individual project and formulating a publishing plan that would provide the best available match for that project, while considering quality, turn around, distribution needs, and cost.

When your project costs are low, it gives you the freedom to
stay competitive, offer true value,
and charge your Backers and customers less

Whether your project is a hardcover book, a softcover periodical, or a complete board game with components and a box – saving money starts with your publishing plan. Vault of Wonders LLC offers everything from consultations with cost predictions to complete logistics for your project. We can advise you on the best route so that you can do it yourself, or if you prefer, we can handle everything for you.

If you would like to speak with us about publishing options, contact us.