Editorial Services

Vault of Wonders LLC offers editorial services for your project. Whether you need a simple editorial service for a 54 page gazetteer, or extensive editorial services for your 300+ page adventure or campaign setting book, we offer editorial guidance in order to stay within word-budgets or project length requirements.

Available services include:

  • Basic Editorial Services – a complete review of all written materials within your project along with grammatical corrections. Simple changes are made real-time to provided document(s), any extensive changes can be made real-time, or may be provided as suggestions, depending on your preferences.
  • Proofing Services – a careful review of your written materials for continuity and the proper use of mechanics. Suggested changes provided at completion.

Editorial Services are offered by a team who have years of experience working in an editorial capacity within the gaming industry. Our services include a base project fee, (which is assessed on a per-project bases), along with a per/word charge for services rendered.

Contact us for a quote, or let us know if you have any questions.