Vault of Wonders LLC provides a wide variety of logistic, distribution, and fulfillment services for your project. We also offer one-time, project-based fulfillment services as well as reoccurring fulfillment services for your subscription customers, Patreon members, or e-Commerce webstore.

Small-scale warehousing, inventory management and physical stock reordering are also on offer, as well as digital distribution across a variety of platforms.

Get your reoccurring shipments into the hands of your customers while minimizing returned mail by utilizing our customer database maintenance & logistical services, or hand off your completed CSVs formatted by your team using the template we provide for a simple, one-time fulfillment service. Whatever your fulfillment or logistical needs, we can help.

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Patreon Planning & Management (page coming soon)

Ecommerce/Website Services & Fulfillment (page coming soon)