Layout & design services that pay homage to classic D&D without being derivative. Professional software for faster turnarounds without sacrificing quality. Billable by project so there’s no worries about intentional delays to drive up costs. All projects are released under your own brand.


  • A free consultation to establish the project specifics
  • Professional layout services using InDesign or Adobe Illustrator
  • The creation of a unique, custom template which you will own
  • Print proofing for any small edits or corrections
  • One free revision (if required following print proofing)
  • Fully formatted and completed project files ready for print and/or digital distribution


  • All assets (maps, art, images, etc.) must be delivered at project start 
  • Written content must be completed and fully proofed and edited
  • All written files must be prepared according to our provided templates and use DocsFlow, Google Docs, Markdown, or Microsoft Word 365
  • The Vault of Wonders LLC logo will be added to the credits in addition to your own branding.

Small Creators! If hiring VOWLLC is cost prohibitive for your project, we might be open to a collaboration! If you’re interested, head over to Cutter Mountain and tell us more about your project. Availablity is super limited, but this is a great way to release your project without any major upfront costs. All approved collaborations are released under Cutter Mountain Simulations / Vault of Wonders LLC.

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