From Patreon, to Kickstarter, to Backerkit – Vault of Wonders LLC can help you plan, launch, and manage your crowdfunding adventures. Plan properly so you can stick to timelines and meet your obligations. Earn the funding, support and goodwill you need to grow your business. 


  • Pre-Launch Kickstarter logistical planning to provide you with realistic timelines, the best manufacturing and fulfillment options for your project type, goals and budget, and the actual costs that will help you establish safe pledge tier and shipping prices as well as minimum funding and stretch goal requirements.
  • Post-Funding Kickstarter logistical analysis. This revision is designed for those with campaigns that vastly out-perform predictions. We offer a comprehensive update to your existing logistical plans that will provide the best manufacturing and fulfillment options available based on a campaign outcome that has succeeded beyond expectations.
  • Complete Kickstarter logistics and management. Includes pre-launch planning, post-funding revisions, (as needed), campaign set up & launch, ongoing scheduled updates through to fulfillment, and backer interaction with support. 
  • Backerkit set up and management. We’ll set up & run your BK, design your preorder store & survey, manage your backers with customer support, fulfill your digital rewards, prepare fulfillment CSVs to hand off to your shipping partners, establish the fulfillment channels so that backers will be provided with tracking and shipping notifications, and provide support within a specified timeline.
  • Patreon planning and management. We’ll help you create your Patreon, establish your membership levels, create a content posting schedule, manage your file distro, and interact with your Patrons by offering customer support. 

Small Creators! If hiring VOWLLC is cost prohibitive for your project, we might be open to a collaboration! If you’re interested, head over to Cutter Mountain and tell us more about your project. Availablity is super limited, but this is a great way to release your project without any major upfront costs. All approved collaborations are released under Cutter Mountain Simulations / Vault of Wonders LLC.

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