Layout & design services that pay homage to classic D&D without being derivative. Professional-level software for faster turnarounds without sacrificing quality. Everything from zines and adventure books to punch-outs, card decks, game boxes and more.


Editorial proofing from a team specializing in games. Editorial guidance to keep you within word-budgets and project limits. We’re respectful of your creative voice and have the technical ability to proof for grammar, continuity and the proper use of game mechanics. 


From Patreon and Kickstarter planning, to Backerkit set up and management – we can help you launch a successful project, stick to timelines and meet your obligations, plan properly and save money, and earn the funding and the goodwill you need to grow your business. 


Expert project logistics to help you reach your goals while saving time and money. From simple analysis to complete project plans that include budgeting, manufacturing and materials selections, shipping and fulfillment services or recommendations and more. 

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