SEPULCHRE OF DUSK – Shadowdark Version Out Now

We are super excited to announce the release of our newest publication: SEPULCHRE OF DUSK. This 29-page, digest-sized adventure is compatible with the Shadowdark RPG system and features a fully detailed adventure location, an adventure with hyperlinks and bookmarks for ease of use, 4 pre-generated level 1 player characters, and a separate map file. We’ve also included print-friendly low ink versions of the map and the adventure. 

Brought to you by our team, SEPULCHRE OF DUSK includes writing and physical systems design by Scott Craig, editorial proofing by John K Webb, art by Michael Andrews and logistics and distribution by yours truly (Jennifer Craig).

Available now at the Cutter Mountain Shop and on DTRPG for instant download!

You’ll need the Shadowdark RPG Quickstart Set to play this adventure. You can download it for free on the Arcane Library website HERE. You can also download it at DTRPG HERE

This is the first time Scott has written an adventure that he has done the layout work for, so he’s really excited to hear some feedback from your play group. Make sure you leave comments and reviews on DTRPG or the SEPULCHRE OF DUSK product at the Cutter Mountain Shop, and feel free to send him an email! He’d love hear from you.

Warm regards,

Small Print: SEPULCHRE OF DUSK is an independent production of Vault of Wonders, LLC / Cutter Mountain Simulations, published under the Shadowdark RPG Third-Party License and is not affiliated with The Arcane Library, LLC. Shadowdark RPG © 2023 The Arcane Library, LLC.

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