Designed specifically to be a fast turnaround campaign to reinstate backer goodwill following the beleaguered Legends of Omeria project by this client, the Pexia’s Guide to Omeria / Hand of the Eight Kickstarter successfully ended in June 2021 and had a logistical plan in place that would see both books delivered to backers by Feb 2022. However, when the creator failed to provide the required assets according to the established timeline, Jennifer departed this project in Mar 2022 and her original logistical plans were subsequently abandoned. As of April 2023, this project remains unfulfilled.

Vault of Wonders LLC: Design & Layout: Scott Craig, Kickstarter campaign planning, Complete Logistics, Backerkit mgmt: Jennifer Craig, (May 2021-March 2022)

Writer: “DMDave” Hamrick, others

Cartographers: Maria Gandolfo, Tom Cartos, Cze & Peku, Tim Hartin, Maps by Owen, Dyson Logos and others

Artists: Tithi Luadthong,  Mtias Lazaro, Nacho Lazaro, Pavel Kunc, and others

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