CLEAN BREAK funded at 472% – Pre-Order Store now open!

Our Kickstarter Zine Quest #5 thrill ride ended last Thursday (Feb 23) in success! We were blown away to find that 276 backers helped us achieve 472% of our initial funding goal in a razor-tight, 2-week campaign. Suffice it to say, we can’t wait to get CLEAN BREAK into everyone’s grubby human mitts.

If you missed out on securing your copy of our CY_BORG supplement – fear not! We announce unto you henceforth that the CLEAN BREAK pre-order store is open and ready for your perusal!

We’ve created a pretty cool pre-order shop at, which is the site dedicated to the games & 3D printed wares we personally make! While you can find the work we’ve done on other people’s projects in the portfolio section of this site, the Cutter Mountain Simulations page & pre-order store is where you can find the stuff we’ve released under our very own brand. So that’s neat.

Once again, to all of those who backed CLEAN BREAK during the campaign, a hearty thanks! And for all of you who were in jail or otherwise indisposed during the campaign, head over to the pre-order shop and start making plans to liberating S4NI from his unfortunate day job.

Yours truly,

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