BroadSword was a monthly Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure book series from Hamrick Brands LLC which ran for 24 issues. It was launched as a Kickstarter in 2019 and the series was cancelled by its creator in late 2022. There was also an “introductory issue” which was handed out at conventions after the series ended.

Vault of Wonders LLC: Design & Layout: Scott Craig (entire run), Logistics & Fulfillment: Jennifer Craig, (Issues 7-20), Warehousing & Distro: Jennifer Craig (June 2020-March 2022)

Writers: John K Webb, The Griffon’s Saddlebag, “DMDave” Hamrick, Adventures Await! and others.

Cartographers: Tom Cartos, Cze & Peku, Tim Hartin, Dyson Logos and others

Artists: JD Russell, Tithi Luadthong, Dean Spencer, Eric Lofgren, Matias Lazaro and others

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