SEPULCHRE OF DUSK – Shadowdark RPG compatible adventure out now!

We are super excited to announce the release of our newest publication: SEPULCHRE OF DUSK. This 29-page, digest-sized adventure is compatible with the Shadowdark RPG system and features a fully detailed adventure location, an adventure with hyperlinks and bookmarks for ease of use, 4 pre-generated level 1 player characters, and a separate map file. We’ve also included print-friendly low ink versions of […]

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CLEAN BREAK funded at 472% – Pre-Order Store now open!

Our Kickstarter Zine Quest #5 thrill ride ended last Thursday (Feb 23) in success! We were blown away to find that 276 backers helped us achieve 472% of our initial funding goal in a razor-tight, 2-week campaign. Suffice it to say, we can’t wait to get CLEAN BREAK into everyone’s grubby human mitts. If you missed out on securing your copy of […]

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Announcing - CLEAN BREAK Zine Quest 2023 Kickstarter.

Kickstarter Zinequest – CLEAN BREAK: A CY_Borg Heist!

CLEAN BREAK Kickstarter Zine Quest Campaign We’re super excited to announce CLEAN BREAK – a 48-page CY-spanning campaign to liberate an imprisoned AI from a megacorp. This project is brought to you by Vault of Wonders LLC in collaboration with writer / creator John K Webb & pen/ink illustrator Michael Andrews. VOW’s Scott Craig is on layout & design and Jennifer Craig […]

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